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In the summer of 2020, as smoke closed in on our offices in Portland and Eugene, Oregon, we sat down with Dr. Nordica MacCarty from Oregon State University to discuss the planet’s current situation, and the role that cookstoves play.


Here in Corvallis, the air quality index (AQI) was over 300 for many days in a row. When the smoke first arrived, OSU completely shut down campus. I wasn’t even allowed to gather supplies from my office. Campus finally opened 9 days later when…

Greetings Readers,

Since my arrival in Guatemala on March 1st, life has been a whirlwind of change and adaptation. The coronavirus pandemic has been in full force for the past six months, and the borders and airport are still tightly closed. There’s speculation that flights will resume on September 18, but who knows, is the honest truth. Recently, Guatemala’s president Alejandro Giammattei made a comment saying that normal life may not resume until next year, and that makes me wonder if he’s hinting at something.

Hello StoveTeam supporters,

As you know, we are a TEAM, and I am just the face you see instead of the hundreds of volunteers, an extremely committed Board of Directors, and our wonderful staff.

We started helping local entrepreneurs build stove factories in 2007 by assisting Gustavo Peña to start his successful factory in El Salvador.

We then continued working in Honduras with Anibal Murcia where volunteers field-tested the Ecocina stove.

Dear Readers,

Happy Monday to all, from bright and sunny Santiago Zamora (Guatemala). Our state of calamity has been going strong since March 9th and coronavirus is hitting Central America hard. Different countries are tackling it in ways that their governments see fit. We hear that the airports shall open in August, but that’s a projected date only and may change based on surges in cases. I will share a bit more about the countries that StoveTeam supports.

The past year may have had more than its fair share of challenges, but it has also been filled with successful ventures and new beginnings for StoveTeam. Today we’re sharing ten of this year’s biggest wins!

StoveTeam recently received the results of a third-party study on the effectiveness of our Ecocina cookstoves at reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, a leading cause of climate change.

Previously, we had used figures determined through laboratory studies which found that on average each stove reduces carbon emissions by 2.5 tons per year, for a conservative average lifespan of 3 years.

Craig Gutowski is the founder of The Foundry, a stove and barbecue distributor in Ontario, Canada. Last year Craig approached StoveTeam with the idea that the stores he works with could invite their customers to donate a stove through StoveTeam along with each of their purchases. The idea took off immediately, and last year The Foundry raised enough money to provide over 250 stoves, which are now being manufactured in Guatemala and Nicaragua! Here is Craig’s story.


You could call me a Stovie. Since 1976 I have been involved in the sales of woodstoves in Ontario Canada. When I handed…

In October of 2019 StoveTeam hosted 18 volunteers in Guatemala for a week of building and distributing clean cookstoves. The group included five kids under 18 years old, and one of them named Zaiya shared their experience with us!

My trip with the Stove Team was adventurous, to say the least.

When my mom first told me that we were volunteering with them in Guatemala, I got so excited that I almost jumped onto the table. When we actually arrived in Antigua, my expectations were blown out of the water.

Zaiya and family pose for a photo with the recipient of a stove they are helping to deliver.

The team was made up of a diverse group of people, all with different backgrounds and reasons they were there. There were…

Our International Program Coordinator Alex Eaton has already hit the ground running, setting up meetings with StoveTeam contacts and stove experts as he made his way from his home in North Carolina to his new home in Antigua, Guatemala. Here is his first official update from the field.

I would like to share a few stories from the field, of the fun and exciting things that are happening on the ground. Central America is full of surprises and things waiting around the bend, but I will try to focus on our projects and community visits.

Alex at a Copán Mayan Ruins Mural, Honduras

Ten days ago, Mike [Mike…

In 2010, Peter Schmidtke from Rotary Magazine interviewed Gustavo Peña, the owner of StoveTeam’s partner factory in El Salvador, Inversiones Falcón. This week, Gustavo’s youngest son Emerson graduated from university with a degree in Psychology so we felt it would be appropriate to republish the interview and highlight some of our favorite parts!

Rosa Linda, Emerson, and Gustavo Peña celebrate Emerson’s graduation from university, February 2020.

Aaron Li

Operations Intern at StoveTeam. All stories written by Forest Resener, Communications and Operations Director.

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